Proximity of Rituals / Ritüellerin Yakınlığı

© 2015 Esin Gunduz.

For two violas and recorded voices (tape).
Contact for the score!

“A worldly renown is nothing, other than a breath of wind
that blows now here, now there
and changes name
when it has changed its course.” (Prugatory XI. 100) Divine Comedy, Dante.

Lullaby & mourning song,
Both easing us into a sleep…

Solo violists on this recording:
Tuba Özkan
Yuri Gandelsman
Recorded September 2015, Mersin State Conservatory, Turkey.

Written for Tuba Özkan & Dedicated to Melis Özkan.

Esin Gunduz is a new music composer and a vocal performer.  Her work investigates the types of energy that exists between all beings, exploring these energies as sensory experiences and sound.  In her works, the tessitura in human voices are transcribed into instrumentation and orchestration. The landscapes built from recorded-voices surround the instruments and inspires awe. —

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