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List of Original Works

• en-he-du-an-na-me-en for solo voice and recorded voices (fixed electronics)_2019-… 
On the texts by Enheduanna, about the process of healing from voiceless-ness (that was caused by psychological trauma) and becoming resonant again. 
for the Voice(less) project of Rosie Middleton, mezzosoprano
conceived at Banff Musicians in Residence, AB

• labo oratorio for two mouth harmonicas, piano, harmonium, objects, and voices_2019-… 
On the possibility of alchemical processes being expressed as timbral processes.
— iii. conuinctio (2020) for two mouth harmonicas (premiered online)
for Ultrafizz: voice+/piano+ duo: Lucy Dhegrae and Nathaniel LaNasa.
conceived at YellowBarn Artist Residency, VT

Sense of Lmcml for voice, alto saxophone, bowed percussion, piano_ 2019
On visceral experiences of physical vibrations and sound.
for Antonin Bourgault, Mayu Funaba, Dave Klassen
conceived at Laboratoire de musique contemporaine de Montréal LMCL, QC
performed at The Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec

• Interludes – II for voice, oboes, and fixed electronics_2019

• Interludes – I for voice, oboes, and fixed electronics_2019
On the impressions of the selected -early plainchant, baroque, and troubadour- pieces, the collection of four works to function as both standalone works and interludes in-between these pieces. 
for Senso di Voce
conceived & performed at Avaloch Farm Music Institute, NH
performed at Sugarcity Gallery Space, NY

• Sense of Energy for two or more voice(s) or instrument(s)_2018.
i. contained potential
ii. lift-induced drag
potential to kinetic
On the sense and the bodily experience of types of physical energies, imagined as sound. 
performances by a duo of voices Roopa Mahadevan and Esin Gunduz, 
by Baker & Hess Duo (Elizabeth A. BakerRobert Hess), 
by Montreal-based vocalists Susanna HoodChristiane CharbonneauAyelet Rose Gottlieb, joined by Esin Gunduz interacting with the participants of the workshop series “Singing with Freedom” at Orchard of Pomegranates, Montreal, Canadaby resAUnance.

• Lights on Inanna for ob., & Eh., tbn. & b.tbn., vln. & vla., vc. &, perc., (ensemble of five players) and recorded voices (fixed electronics)_ 2016-17.
i. …an-zà-śè maḫ-àm… …as lofty as the horizon…
ii. …ku-ku za-lag ge-eş ĝar… …to turn darkness into light…
iii. …ur-re ca-mu-u-hul-le… …to make you joyous…  On the texts of three ancient Sumerian tablets that were inscribed for their Goddess Inanna, read as the Sumerians’ cultural/psychological projections on women. performance by: oboist Jasmine Daquin, trombonist Taja Graves-Parker, violinist Michiko Theuer, cellist Aliya Ultan, percussionist Ross Karre, conductor Peter Tantsits,
atEnsemble Evolution World Premieres featuring a new work by Alvin Lucier“, Ensemble Evolution 2019 at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

• Proximity of Rituals for two violas and recorded voices_2014-15. (Turkish title: Ritüellerin Yakınlığı) 
On lullaby and mourning songs; both “letting into sleep”. 
for Mersin State Conservatory Nevit Kodallı Chamber Music App. and Res. Center, Dr. Tuba Özkan.  performance by two solo violists Tuba Özkan and Yuri Gandelsman.

• Texts of Wisdom for trumpet in Bb, trombone, French horn and recorded voices_ 2015. 
On texts from Anatolia (Motherland).
performance by Factory Seconds Trio (Jack Sutte, Rick Stout, Jesse McCormick of Cleveland Orchestra).

 Cura for voice, violin and cello_2014-15 
On the psychology and politics of care.
for the 40th Anniversary Season of Friends of Vienna, Inc.
performance by violinist Yuki Numata Resnick and cellist Jonathan Golove, joined by vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• Two Partridges for solo piano_2014 
Variations on a Turkish folk song. 
for Friends of Vienna Inc. 
performance by pianist Stephen Manes.

• In To Selves for voice and movement_2013. 
Collaborative project with choreographer Melanie Aceto. 
performances by choreographer Melanie Aceto and vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• Looking at / Towards / On top of: Mount Ağrı for voice and cello_2013 
for Friends of Vienna Inc. 
performance by cellist Jonathan Golove and vocalist Esin Gunduz, by cellist T. J. Borden and vocalist Esin Gunduz

• States of Iron for voice, bass flute and bass clarinet_2012-13 
performances by bass flutist Lana Stafford and bass clarinetist Christopher Culp, joined by vocalist Esin Gunduz, 
by Ensemble Linea bass flutist Keiko Murakami and bass clarinetist Andrea Nagy joined by vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• On Friendship (Turkish title: Arkadaşlık Üzerine) for voice with a resonator bucket, violin, and viola_2012-13
On three Anatolian proverbs about friendship 
performances by violinist Ana Vafai and violist Moshe Shulman, joined by vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• On Texts of Wisdom for trumpet in Bb, trombone and voice_2011 
On texts from Anatolia (Motherland).
performance by Meridian Arts Ensemble trumpetist Jon Nelson and trombonist Benjamin Herrington joined by vocalist Esin Gunduz, 
by trumpetist Dan Bassin and trombonist Theresa Leone, joined by vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• Passing for string quartet and voice_2011 
On imagined nature forces moving through Cappadocia valleys.
performance by violinists Hasan Gökçe Yorgun and Doğukan Keskin, violist Huseyin Mehmetoğlu, and cellist Taylan Sarı, joined by vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• Ongoing Circles for clarinet in Bb and viola_2010 
On Kant’s understanding of time.
for Klaviol: clarinetist Ayşegül Kirmanoğlu and violist Tuba Özkan (of İstanbul Symphony Orchestra).

• Bugged Ladybug for soprano and alto saxophone, bassoon, piano, guitar, percussion and double bass 2010. 
Recorded Dec 09 2009 ITU MIAM Centre for Advanced Studies in Music, Istanbul TR.

• Island: around the nucleus (Turkish title: Ada: merkezin etrafında) for two solo violists and a viola ensemble 2010-11 
On the soundscape of Büyükada / Prinkipos Island.
for Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture: 1st Prince Islands Viola Masterclass, Dr. Tuba Özkan 
Performances by two solo violists Tuba Özkan, Siegfried Führlinger and nine other violists, with Esin Gunduz conducting.

• If the Water Has Memory acousmatic, for recorded voices (2009) 
for Vox Vonus 60×60 Project: 
On the earth’s rivers remembering the folk songs sung for / about them.
Nov. 22 – Dec. 03 2010 with Images at Interferences Festival Library Centro de las Artes, San Luis Potosí MEX 
Nov. 20 2010 with Dance at The Music Gallery, Toronto CA 
Nov. 20 2010 with Video at the International Electro-Acoustic Music Festival Threewalls gallery, Chicago IL USA 
Nov. 17 2010 Music Farmers, Wollongong AU 
Nov. 04 2010 Northern Illinois University School of Music Recital Hall, DeKalb IL USA 
Oct. 16 2010 TEM Taukay Edizioni Musicali Teatro San Giorgio, Udine IT 
Oct. 15 2010 with Video at the EMM Lewis University, Romeoville IL USA 
July 24 2010 with Dance (choreographer Mariana L. Marquez) East London Dance, Stratford Circus, London ENG 
July 08 and 16 2010 Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei TWN 
July 08 and 16 2010 Western Massachusetts Grey Matter Books in Hadley MA 
June 3, 4 and 5 2010 ICMC International Computer Music Conference Stony Brook University, Stony Brook NY 
June 1 and 2 2010 ICMC International Computer Music Conference in New York NY

• I filosofi della collina (Philosophers on the hill) for voice and guitar_2009 
On a poem by the same title by Alberto Nebbiola 
for Soundscape Festival, Italy.
performance by soprano Tony Arnold and guitarist Artem Vovk,
by guitarist Zane Merrit and vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• If the Water Has Memory for mandolin, percussion and recorded voices _2009 
performance by mandolinist Avi Avital and percussionist Amie Watson.

• Soundwrap for alto saxophone and recorded alto saxophones (fixed electronics_2008 
On the wrapping choreography of stereo recording around the live sax. player, in relation to other wrapping motion in life in general.
performance by alto saxophonist Chris Clark.

• Boz for jazz ensemble and voice_2009 
On the boz (unclear, grizzle) and silvery colors observed in the nature of Bozcaada (Grizzle island) / Tenedos island.
performance by Muje Jazz Ensemble and vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• Butterfly Effect for string orchestra and crotales_2009 
On the butterfly effect phenomenon being explored as ripples of sound.
performance byMarshall University Orchestra.

• Anything left to surprise? for brass quartet_2008 
On the predictability of life in adulthood.
performance by Marshall University Brass Quartet.

 Sarcasm Diaries for voice and wind quintet 2008 
On self-written text of diary entries from a sarcastic fantasy world responding with the unexpected or saying one thing and meaning the other.
performance by Marshall University Wind Quintet and vocalist Esin Gunduz.

• Before the Gates to Nowhere for solo flute 2008 
On the moments of questioning and inner conversations being more important than mystery behind the gates.
performance by flutist Callie Huff.

• Mix and Enjoy! for solo marimba in mobile form_2008 
On the similarity of chopsticks with mallets, and food-mixing with mobile form.
performance by percussionist Clark Littlepage.

• Five Movements for Piano for solo piano_2006 
On the different ways of experiencing things: flying on, streaming, swaying, touching or just gazing at a universe comprised of five fingers at a hand, a realm that enables experiences beyond human’s earthly capacities.
performance by pianist Alana Cushing.

• Universal Bicycle for clarinet in Bb, bassoon and cello 2006 
On circular patterns of the universe imagined to be controlled by a mundane object: bicycle, with inspiration from works by the science-fiction author Douglas Adams.
performance by clarinetist Ebru Mine Sonakın, bassoonist Berke Hitay, and cellist Jeff McAuley.

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