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Sense of Lmcml (2019)

for voice, alto saxophone, piano, percussion, and recorded sounds (fixed electronics)
© 2019 Esin Gunduz, Mayu Funaba, Antonin Bourgault, and Dave Klassen.

“Co-created with improvisor colleagues: Mayu Funaba, Antonin Bourgault, and Dave Klassen during my open-project for Labo Montréal, Sense of Lmcml is a continuation of Sense of Energy (© 2018) workshop series. In Sense of Energy, the sense and the bodily experience of types of physical energies, are imagined as sound and translated into physical vibrations of sound.

During our workshop at Labo Montréal, each of our ensemble members came up with, brought in an idea of a different type of energy. Our process was to translate our bodily sensations of those energies into physical vibrations of sound. During live performance, instead of replaying, we strongly focus on “recreating” those energies, bodily sensations, and physical vibrations.

I’ve designed the electronics out of our previously recorded sounds; they are emitted from under the grand piano. Resonating the sound-board of the piano, these help set off the acoustic and psychological environments that we look for. I imagine those recorded sounds as a bond between ourselves in the past (during workshop) and ourselves in the now (live performance).
We treat the grand-piano — “into” which we perform — as a reverberator of sound | of frequency | (therefore) of time: a “time well”!

© 2019 Esin Gunduz
Composer | Vocal performer

© 2020 Esin Gunduz.

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Composer and Vocal performer

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