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En-he-du-an-na-me-en (2019-20)

for voice and electronics:recorded voice(s) of mezzo-soprano Rosie Middletonconceived at Banff Centre Music Residencywritten | commissioned for the Voice(less) project, UK. Upcoming premiere: January 2021 ! * “I am Enheduanna“the prominent linethat resonates with female individuationfrom the ancient poem “Exaltation of Inanna”by Enheduanna 𒂗𒃶𒌌𒀭𒈾the first authora Sumerian High Priestess writing […]

coniunctio (2019-20)

for two mouth-harmonicaswritten for Ultrafizz: Voice+ | Piano+ duo of Lucy Dhegrae and Nathaniel LaNasafor the concert program: Since 1500realized at Yellow Barn Artist Residency “”coniunctio” is known to be the ending stage of the medieval alchemical processeswhere two separate things have transmuted into one -other- thing. In this movement,as […]

Sense of Lmcml (2019)

for voice, alto saxophone, piano, percussion, and recorded sounds (fixed electronics)© 2019 Esin Gunduz, Mayu Funaba, Antonin Bourgault, and Dave Klassen. “Co-created with improvisor colleagues: Mayu Funaba, Antonin Bourgault, and Dave Klassen during my open-project for Labo Montréal, Sense of Lmcml is a continuation of Sense of Energy (© 2018) workshop […]

Lights on Inanna (2016-17)

for oboe & English horn, trombone & bass trombone, viola & violin, cello, percussion an ensemble of five players and previously recorded voices (fixed electronics) © 2017 Esin Gunduz. Lights on Inanna is based on the texts of three ancient Sumerian tablets that were inscribed for their Goddess Inanna and […]

Sense of Energy (2018)

for two or more voice(s) or instrument(s) : In Sense of Energy, the sense and the bodily experience of types of physical energies, are imagined as sound and translated into physical vibrations of sound. i. contained potential [00:00]ii. lift-induced drag [02:29]iii. potential to kinetic [04:13] © 2018 Esin GunduzComposer | […]

Proximity of Rituals (2015)

for two violas and previously recorded voices (fixed electronics)© 2015 Esin Gunduz. Turkish title: Ritüellerin Yakınlığı. Lullaby & mourning song,Both easing us into a sleep… “A worldly renown is nothing, other than a breath of windthat blows now here, now thereand changes namewhen it has changed its course.” (Prugatory XI. […]

States of Iron (2013)

for voice, bass flute, and bass clarinet© 2013 Esin Gunduz. “…Nothing is harder than iron, yet it knows that water is its origin.  But all that has water for a basis,even iron, has no more reality than a dream.  Water is nothing stable. (…)” Attar, Farid Ud-din. The Conference of […]

Texts of Wisdom (2014, 2011)

for Bb trumpet, French horn, trombone, and previously recorded voices (fixed electronics) © 2014 Esin Gunduz. On texts from Anatolia (the Mother-land, Asia-minor): “Anlamadan eyledik, Before understanding, we acted upon it,Gerçek erin bu yolda, The real man’s assets in this road,Yokluktur sermayesi. Is nothing.”by Yunus Emre, 13th century (in Turkish) […]

List of Original Compositions

• en-he-du-an-na-me-en* (2019-20)for voice and electronics (previously recorded voice(s) of Rosie Middleton)electronics recorded at Banff Music Residencycommissioned by Rosie Middleton, mezzo-sopranofor her Voice(less) commissioning project:On the texts by Enheduanna, about the process of healing from voiceless-ness (that was caused by psychological trauma) and becoming resonant again. for the Voice(less) project of Rosie Middleton, mezzosoprano.conceived at […]