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Lights on Inanna

for oboe & English horn, trombone & bass trombone, viola & violin, cello, percussion (an ensemble of five players) and recorded voices (fixed electronics). (2016 – 2017) ©2017 Esin Gunduz. …an-zà-śè maḫ-àm… …as lofty as the horizon… 00:18 …ku-ku za-lag ge-eş ĝar… …to turn darkness into light… 04:56 …ur-re ca-mu-u-hul-le… […]

Sense of Energy

for two or more voice(s) or instrument(s). ©2018 Esin Gunduz. Contained potential [00:00] Lift-induced drag [02:29] Potential to kinetic [04:13] The sense and the bodily experience of types of physical energies, imagined as sound. Sense of Energy workshops: As a composer, I concentrate on the nature of sound and its […]

Proximity of Rituals

for two violas and recorded voices (fixed electronics). ©2015 Esin Gunduz. (Turkish title: Ritüellerin Yakınlığı) Lullaby & mourning song, Both easing us into a sleep… “A worldly renown is nothing, other than a breath of wind that blows now here, now there and changes name when it has changed its […]

States of Iron

for voice, bass flute, and bass clarinet. ©2013 Esin Gunduz. “…Nothing is harder than iron, yet it knows that water is its origin.  But all that has water for a basis, even iron, has no more reality than a dream.  Water is nothing stable. (…)” Attar, Farid Ud-din. The Conference […]

Texts of Wisdom

for Bb trumpet, French horn, trombone, and recorded voices (fixed electronics). ©2014 Esin Gunduz. On texts from Anatolia (the Mother-land): “Dinlemeden anladık? Before listening, we understood? Anlamadan eyledik, Before understanding, we acted upon it, Gerçek erin bu yolda, The real man’s assets in this road, Yokluktur sermayesi. Is nothing.” by […]