SENSO DI VOCE (Sense of Voice), a Duo of Voice and Oboes, (Esin Gunduz, voice, and Megan Kyle, oboe and English horn) explores acoustic links between voice and instrument through early music sonorities.  They search for resistance and energy as the voice directs the singing at the English horn & oboe bells within the highly resonant spaces in which they perform. WATCH BELOW!

The duo performs music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras, finding historical and acoustic links among the music of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the middle East. Their arrangements carefully aim to recreate the spectra and overall effect of the special timbres that belong to each tradition while integrating the space’s feedback to such sonorities.  Past performances have involved relating certain registers of the oboe and English horn to the particular tensions within the tessituras of human voice (like the falsetto register of the tenor voice) in order to emphasize the rich resonance of the combined voices, or drawing connections between the qualities of oboe and English horn multiphonics reflected from metal objects in the space to the harmonic singing of the Sardinian and Bulgarian folk traditions. These pieces are woven together in uninterrupted programs, the connective thread of which is organized improvisations that have a transformational role, especially in timbre. The duo moves through the space throughout the performance, finding different reflective positions in the venue and forming ever-changing antiphonal relationships. The result is an immersive musical and spatial experience that illuminates and recontextualizes the spiritual and meditative repertoire performed. Project website:

2019: Upcoming film by Megan Mette



2016: A film by Mani Mehrwarz

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A Duo of Amplified Voice and Acoustic Snare-drum, Esin and Justin is an improvisatory sound project where the interference and special acoustics of this instrumental combination are explored. Noise music improvisations and beyond.

Esin Gunduz, Amplified Voice
Justin von Strasburg, Acoustic Snare-Drum

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PAST PROJECT: resAUnance (until Mar. 2018)




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