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Vocal Performance | Improv.


Tyshawn Sorey’s
Autoschediasms – premiere :

Phillip Greenlief’s
Improvisatory Ensemble at Banff Centre for Creativity and Arts :

Cléo Palacio-Quintin‘s

Révélations des pierres muettes (2019) – premiere

Improvisatory ensemble led by C. P-Q. interpreting
Godsalve‘s visual artwork “Aggregators” (2019)- premiere :

Aliya Ultan’
Become a House – premiere :

Esin Gunduz’s

Sense of Lmcml (2019) with Mayu Funaba, Antonin Bourgault, Dave Klassen – premiere

Sense of Energy (2018), double bass | voice duo version, with Mike Sandoval – 2019, (8th performance)

Interludes (2019) with Megan Kyle of Senso di Voce | Sense of Voice – premiere & recording:

Free Improvisation Sets:

September 2019: Whitaker | Palumbo | Gunduz at Audio-pollination Series, Array Space, Toronto, CA.

February 2019: Esin | Justin: Open Piece No:2
Book Launch for the: “Two Hunters” by poet Marina Blitshteyn.


Senso di Voce | Sense of Voice  

is a duo comprised of Esin Gunduz (voice and composition) and Megan Kyle (oboe and English horn), formed in September 2015. For the past three years, our duo has been creating visceral concert experiences in highly resonant spaces. We perform early music linked with semi-improvised interludes, moving through and utilizing the acoustic space as a third instrument.

Up to now, we have conducted these explorations in the “industrial cathedrals” at Silo City, a campus of repurposed grain elevators in Buffalo, NY. These immense monuments connect us to the spiritual, historical, and acoustic context of the music we perform, and we search for resistance and energy within these spaces through movement, direction of sound, and careful selection of the musical material.

We perform religious, folk, and art music from antiquity through the Baroque era, ranging in origin among Western and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. Past programs have included Bulgarian and Sardinian folk songs, plainchant, Jewish maftirim, and Byzantine chant in dialogue with works by Hildegarde von Bingen, Guillaume de Machaut, Henry Purcell, and Folquet de Marseille, among others. In our duo arrangements of these pieces we recreate the spectra and overall effect of the special timbres that belong to each tradition, while integrating the feedback of the acoustic space.

We are “new music” artists who are fascinated by the sound worlds of early music. Our concerts draw out the sonic relationships among disparate but historically linked musical traditions, as well as the relationships between early music sonorities and contemporary extended techniques such as multiphonics, microtones, and overtone singing. We weave the composed music together into uninterrupted programs, linked by interludes in the form of structured improvisations. We move through the space throughout the performance, finding different reflective positions in the venue and forming ever-changing antiphonal relationships. The result is a transformative tactile and kinetic experience that illuminates and recontextualizes the repertoire performed.

We have presented one to two concerts annually at Silo City for the past three summers, with strong support from our local community. Each year, we delve deeper into both the musical and the acoustic possibilities of our duo and our space. We bring in new repertoire while holding onto favorite repertoire from previous concerts, reinterpreting and re-contextualizing these works with new interludes and spatial concepts. Sold-out audiences have responded favorably to the work that we’re doing, and we are always looking for ways to expand our scope and reach.

In the summer of 2019, as artists-in-residence at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute, we will rehearse new interludes composed by Esin, transformed into full-fledged compositions with additions of pre-recorded / electro-acoustic materials. We will work with Henry Birdsey to bring to life a digital version of the acoustic space at Silo City. Henry has a passionate interest in the acoustic phenomena of Silo City, and is a highly creative problem solver—his ingenuity in multi-channel audio techniques has enabled beautiful recordings of our serpentine, semi-outdoor concerts. He is our partner as we continue to explore new acoustic possibilities.

Senso di Voce | Sense of Voice  

Look into our past 2017 & 2016 Programs!

Esin | Justin

is a duo of Amplified Voice and Acoustic Snare-drum, a project where the interference and special acoustics of this instrumental combination are explored.  We play open pieces composed by Esin.

Esin Gunduz, Amplified voice and Compositions
Justin Von Strasburg, Acoustic (modified) snare drum



Recent Improvisations / Noise Music

Whitaker | Palumbo | Gunduz at Audio-pollination, Array Space, Toronto, 2019.

Zurawinski | Lynn | Gunduz | Liu at Audio-pollination, Array Space, Toronto, 2019.

• Esin and Justin: performing Open Piece No:2, at Book launch for Marina Blitshteyn’s “Two Hunters”, Feb. 16th 2019.

• Esin and Justin: performing Open Piece No:1, at Roughhousing concert at Sewing Souls, Sept. 1 2018.

• Esin and Justin: “Lonberg-Holm / Houston” at Sewing Souls, July 24th 2018.

• Esin and Justin: “An Evening of Acoustic Improv. Sounds with Foster and Bennett”, Apr. 21 2018.

Early music & Contemporary Improvisations:

Senso di Voce at Sugar City, Sep. 2019

• Senso di Voce at Avaloch Music Institute, July 2019

• “As above, So below” Senso di Voce, Marine-A Elevator, Silo City, Aug. 2018

• Senso di Voce at Perot Elevator, Silo City, 2017

• Senso di Voce at Marine-A Elevator, Silo City, 2017

New Music, Classical Music, Improvisation:

Null Point events

• Null Point Presents: Weston Olencki at Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center (April 6 2018)

• Out of the dark: The Cass Project, Arts and Cultural Initiative, 500 Seneca: the boiler room (Sept. 23 2017)

• Null-Point 4. With Paper: WASH Community Project: Improvising with daily objects, Feb. 21 2015.

Wooden Cities events

• Women in the Electronic Arts: a concert of works by female composers in electroacoustic music: vocalist, during residency @ Digital Music Production Prog., Buffalo State College, Apr. 14 2017.

• Cobra @Houghton Concert Series: residency at Houghton’s Greatbatch School of Music, new and improvisatory works by Buffalo composers & John Zorn, Feb. 10 2017.

• Examples of Excess 2006 by James Currie, a performance piece around a lecture on music, philosophy, critical theory, 1) Scena ed aria, 2) Scherzo serioso, 3) Finale in the Style of Comic Opera: Vocalist and performer, Oct. 27 2016.

• Finn-Fest USA 2015 at Kleinhans Hall, A Kalevala Duo, Playing Bones: Finnish folk songs with Finnish artist and an ancient Finnish Kalevala healer Pia Lindman; Avant-garde musical performance during an ancient Finnish therapeutic modality and vernacular tradition Oct. 11 2015

• MultipliCities, with Swedish vocalist/composer Girilal Baars: Vocalist and Improviser, Apr. 28 2016.

• (mis)alignments with Ensemble Suplex: music by Buffalo composers, Mar. 10 2016.

• John Zorn’s Cobra Workshop/Performance: Improviser with Greece Olympia Jazz Band, Jan. 15 2016.

• Megan Kyle Faculty Recital, at Houghton College: Improviser in John Zorn’s Cobra (1984), Dec. 9 2015.

• “Classical to Contemporary” First Fridays at AKAG with the support of Young Audiences of WNY and Councilman Michael J. LoCurto: Presenting accompanied vocal music, in a program that places contemporary music in historical context, May 1 2015.

• Ryan Ross Smith at EMPAC: Live-video scores by the composer at Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, Albany NY, Apr. 17 2015.

• O Swan, Good Friday Music by Buffalo Composers: Performing music for voice from 1970’s to recent (Apr. 3rd 2015)

• PLASMA 2015 (of SUNY UB Department of Media Study) Wooden Cities, sound poetry performances, Jan. 26 2015

• Martin Luther King Jr. Day Happening: Vocalist with UUCB choir and other musicians, Jan. 19 2015.

• Cages CD Release: Improvising vocalist, B.M. Conduction accompanied the duo’s album, Jan. 10 2015.

• A Very-er Wooden Christmas: Improvising vocalist, live scores to silent Christmas films, Dec. 20 2014.

• Aaron Staebell and Wooden Cities+: Vocalist for new works by Buffalo composers, Oct. 25 2014.

• EPC@20: Second Decade Celebration & Symposium, works by sound and concrete poets as part of the 20th anniversary of UB’s Electronic Poetry Center: Sound poetry performance, Sept. 11 2014.

• TJ Borden Farewell Concert event: Improvising vocalist, with cellist Borden and others, July 19 2014.

• Inharmonicity, Music for Carillon & Ensemble: Featured vocalist in new works composed for choir, carillon and ensemble, May 23 2014.

• (B)uffalo (A)rt (D)ispensary Interactive Art Event: Improvising vocalist, performance of art and graphic scores by audience, Apr. 26 2014.

• An Excess of Voice w/ Steve McCaffery, speech vs. music, vocal vs. instrumental sound: Sound poetry performance, Apr. 19 2014.

• Music for the Passion, Sacred music as part of St. Joseph’s annual Good Friday concert: Performing Music for voice, Apr. 18 2014.

• Words @ BPAC, UB Poetics Program, Poetics Plus: Sound poetry performance of a set of pieces with Steve McCaffery, Apr. 12 2014.

• Inaugural Muriel Wolf and Albert Steger Endowment Concert, “(Re)Constructions” (Wooden Cities presented a full program of works by Buffalo composers, including recently composed pieces and reconstructions of pieces from Buffalo’s rich history of new music), Feb. 7 2014 : 
“Burning City” by Zane Merritt
“An Avalance” by Lejaren Hiller

• Yoko Ono Fan Club, closing reception for the exhibition at UB CFA Art Galleries: Improvising vocalist, Mar. 29 2014.

• Chain Gang Citizens, an extended full-ensemble improvisational work: Improv. Vocalist, Feb. 13 2014.

• PAUSA Collective Showcase, 16-piece assemblage of musicians from Pausa favorites: Improvising vocalist, Jan. 23 2014.

• Zane Merritt: Solo Recital joined by members of Wooden Cities on select pieces: Performing ensemble piece with voice, May 4 2013.

• Rise and Fall, Songs for All Souls, on physical, spiritual and musical ascent and descent: Performing music for voice, Oct. 26 2013.

• Ebbing Flow, UB Center for the Arts Open Studios event: Performing music for voice, Oct. 25 2013.

• Sacred Spaces, at St. Joseph’s University Parish: Performing music for voice, Apr. 20 2013.

• Guerrilla Tactics, a program of game pieces, graphic music: Improvising vocalist, Apr. 5 2013.

• A Very Wooden Christmas,live music scoring for silent Christmas films: 
Improv. vocalist, Dec. 7 2013.

… Other Series / Ensembles

• Live Music for Silent Drama-thriller Film: “M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder” (1931) by Fritz Lang: with pianist Michael McNeill, percussionist Liz Holland, at Pausa Art House, Oct. 12 2013.

• Buffalo Improvisers’ Orchestra: Improvising vocalist with the ensemble of 12 local improvisers, Sept. 12 2013.

• Shakti Lounge presents McNeill, Borden, Gunduz (voice, Rhodes, cello) at Shakti Yoga, March 9 2013.

• Shakti Lounge presents Paz: Improvising vocalist with Daniel Bassin (trumpets), TJ Borden (cello), Zane Merritt (Guitar) at Shakti Yoga, Buffalo, NY, Feb. 2 2013.

• 2 + 2 = 4? / iki + iki = dört?: Improvising vocalist, duo & quartet collaborator with the improvisatory ensemble of keyboard / electronics, electric guitar / prepared steel guitar, drums / percussion, 2013

• Science & Art Cabaret No. 10.5: Modularity (supported by Hallwalls, Buffalo Museum of Science, UB College of Arts and Sciences) at Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute, Jan. 30 2013: Bill Louden’s Piece for String Quartet and Chladni Pattern Generator, violist

• “Music For” Concert at UB Slee Hall B-1 (Buffalo, NY) Megan Beugger’s “Fragility”, violist, May 6 2012.

• Klasik Keyifler Chamber Music Festival, Cello Octet: Lead vocalist, 2010.

• Nine, Improvisatory Collective: Improvising vocalist as part of the ensemble, 2008-2009.

• Butch Morris’s Conduction Improvisatory Ensemble: Improv. vocalist as
part of the ensemble, 2008.

• The General Sound Unit: Improv. vocalist & playing keyboard and percussion with ensemble, 2006-2007.

• Observe, Experience, Interact: Contemporary Music Ensemble with B.M. Conduction of Mark Zanter: Improvising Vocalist, Oct. 25 2006.

Jazz, Hybrid Genres, Improvisation

• ResAUnance: Lead vocalist, composer / arranger and improviser at concerts through WNY and OH, 2013 – 2018.

• Juini Booth Quartet: Lead vocalist, improviser, 2016 -2018.

• with resAUnance at M&T Lunchtime Concert Series at Villa Maria College, featuring Adam Unsworth (horn), Dave Ballou (trumpet), March 6 2014.

• with resAUnance at A Musical Feast: Benefit Concert for Claudia Hoca, Sept. 27 2013.

• Buffalo Jazz Octet: Guest lead vocalist, 2015.

• Solo vocalist with Juini Booth at Buffalo Institute for Improvised Music and Performance, Aug. 23 2016.

• Bacon & McNeill Quintet: Lead vocalist with trumpet, piano, double-bass, drums, Nov. 8 and Nov. 30 2012.

• UB Jazz Combo: Lead vocalist, 2011-2012.

• Klasik Keyifler Chamber Music Festival, String Orchestra: Lead vocalist (2010)

• Esin Gunduz Quartet back in Istanbul, Nardis Jazz Club: Lead vocalist, June 12 2009.

• Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), with Muje jazz ensemble, July

• Jazz a Juan Festival (France): Lead vocalist with Muje jazz ensemble, July 2009.

• MU Jazz Ensemble: Lead vocalist, 2006-2009.

• 31st Ohio State University Jazz Festival: Lead vocalist of MU Jazz Ensemble, Apr. 5 2008.

• Marshall University Jazz Festival: Lead vocalist of Muje, Feb. 1 2008.

• Marshall University Jazz Festival: Lead vocalist featured in Mark Zanter Group, Jan. 29 2007.

• All Jazzed Up, MU Music and Jazz Dep. Project of vocalists: Lead vocalist, “Vocalese” singer, Nov. 2007.

• Leaders of Future, Faculty event gala: Lead vocalist of Tuesday Jazz Combo, Nov. 9 2007.

• J.R. Clifford and the Carrie Williams Case gala event: Lead vocalist of MU Jazz Combo, Oct. 16 2007.

• Pullman Jazz Festival: Lead vocalist featured in Mark Zanter Group, Apr. 28 2007.

• Koç University Spring Festival: Lead singer role in IBU Candela Theatre’s production of “Hair”, 2006.

• Bodrum Atatürkçü Düş. Derneği: Lead singer role in IBU Candela Theatre’s production of “Hair”, 2006.

• Bilkent University presenting Önder Focan Vocalists Project: Lead vocalist, soprano in vocalese trio, 2006.

• Nardis Jazz presenting Önder Focan Vocalists Project: Lead vocalist,
soprano in vocalese trio, 2006.

• 123 from Istanbul: Guest speaker voice, narrative, 2006.

• Önder Focan Vocalists Project: Soprano in “Vocalese” trio vocal group with ensemble, 2005-06.

• TRT Turkish State Radio Television Jazz Orchestra: Guest lead vocalist, 2005.

• Chick Corea Tribute Band, of Imer Demirer: Lead and accompanied vocalist with additional male voice, trumpet, clarinet in Bb, alto sax, tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums, 2004.

• Esin Gunduz Vocal Band: Lead vocalist with piano, double-bass, drums, 2004-05 and 2009.

• Önder Focan Vocalists Project: Soprano in “Vocalese” trio vocal group with ensemble, 2005-06.

• Altüstet: Leading with voice, keyboard. Playing originals and improvisations, 2004-06.

• Speech Bubbles Musical Theatre Group: Singer and dancer, 2004-05.

• Emir Yeşil Band: Back vocals, 2004-05.

• Little girls, Little boys: Lead vocalist, playing original music & arrangements with brass, rhythm section, 2003-05.

• Sahara: Lead vocalist, playing originals & arrangements with brass, rhythm section, 2003-05.

• is it the dragon that keeps flaming inside of me?: Leading with voice, keyboard. Playing originals and improvisations with the ensemble cello, guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion, drums, Fall 2004.

• BabaZula: Lead and back-vocals for the psychedelic band of traditional music, temporarily replacing for Brenna McCrimmon. Version with live dub by Mad Professor from London, 2004.

• A little bit of Jazz: Lead vocalist with an ensemble of brass instruments and full rhythm section, 2004.

• Bora Uslusoy Band: Back vocals, 2004.

• Nardis Young Jazz Vocal Contest: Lead vocalist & Runner-up, 2004.

• İstanbul Çırağan Palace: Lead vocalist as part of: Jazz nights featuring İmer Demirer, 2004.

• Fugu Rock Band: Keyboard player, back-vocalist, 2003-04.

• IBU Music Department Harmony Class Project Showcase: Lead vocalist singing original jazz tune, 2002.


(North America)

• Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Banff, Alberta, CANADA)

• Sō Percussion Studio (Brooklyn, NY City, USA)

• EMPAC: Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, Albany, NY, USA)

• Kleinhans Hall (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Albright Knox Museum of Art Auditorium (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center Stage (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Asbury Hall, Babeville (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• The Historic Colored Musicians Club (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Burchfield Penney Art Center: Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• University at Buffalo: Lippes Concert Hall at Slee Hall & Baird Recital Hall & Center for the Arts Drama Theatre and Art Gallery (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Mason Hall at Rosch Recital Hall at SUNY Fredonia School of Music (Fredonia, NY, USA)

• Houghton College: Center for the Arts Recital Hall (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts (Trumansburg, NY, USA)

• Villa Maria College Auditorium (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• BOP STOP at The Music Settlement (Cleveland, OH, USA)

• Silo City (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Pausa Art House (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• WNY Book Arts Center (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• River Park Festival Stage (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Hotel Henry (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Sugar City (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Nietzsche’s (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Canvas @ 1206 (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Pro Music Performance Center (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Unity Church of Buffalo, Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, St. Joseph’s University Parish, Calvary Episcopal Church (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• WASH Laundry Mat – Community project (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Trocaire College (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• The Vault (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• 500 Seneca, Boiler Room Art Space (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Shakti Yoga (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• WNY Book Arts Center (Buffalo, NY, USA)

• Ohio State University, Mershon Auditorium, (Columbus, OH, USA)

• Educational TV Channel of WV (Charleston, WV, USA)

• Marshall University: Smith Recital Hall & Jomie Jazz Center & The Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center (Huntington, WV, USA)

• Java Joint (Huntington, WV, USA)


• Public Stage of Montreux Jazz Festival (Montreux, CH)

• Public Stage of Jazz a Juan Festival (Nice, FR)

• Nardis Jazz Club of Istanbul ((İstanbul, TR)

• AKM: Atatürk Cultural Center (Istanbul, TR)

• French Cultural Center of Istanbul (İstanbul, TR)

• Italian Cultural Center of Istanbul (İstanbul, TR)

• TRT Turkish Radio Television, Istanbul Harbiye Concert Hall (Istanbul, TR)

• Babylon-Istanbul (İstanbul, TR)

• San Pasifico Church of Büyükada-Princess Islands (İstanbul, TR)

• İstanbul Koç University, Sevgi Gönül Cultural Centre (İstanbul, TR)

• Bilkent University Concert Hall (Ankara, TR)

• İstanbul Bilgi University: Conference Hall (Kuştepe Campus), BS2 Performance Hall (Dolapdere Campus), Spring Festival Stage (Kuştepe Campus) (İstanbul, TR)

• İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Festival Stage (İstanbul, TR)

• Beyoğlu Music Festival Stage (İstanbul, TR)

• Çırağan Palace (İstanbul, TR)

• Latin Catholic Church of Mersin (Mersin, TR)

• Ancient Caves, Saklı Vadi / Hidden Valley
(Cappadocia, TR)

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