Color Score

for any # of sound-makers in the body
*does not require professional musicians.

An ICG (︎Indeterminacy Consulting Group) project:

Sound- video collaboration
with photographer Michael Mandolfo

Online workshops for McGill University ( Spring 2021)
In-person test-run rehearsal on 12th June 2021

Color Score

This was a recent collaboration with ICG (Indeterminacy Consulting Group)
and photographer Michael Mandolfo
to bring together our compositional styles
into a project that we are calling "Color Score."

The technique that was developed allows individuals
to enter into a color
and learn how to realize that color through sound.

Thinking along with Esin's "Sense of Energy,"
we associated vibrations of color with vibrations of sound
and looked for ways to create similar vibrations in the body.

We experimented with the techniques
for expressing color in this visual/sonic form
using immersive light projections and pre-recorded and live sound.


Color Score © 2021 ICG
Sound © Esin Gunduz
Visuals © Michael Mandolfo

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© 2020 Esin Gunduz.
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