“... a sound wizard! ...”
Rosie Middleton, mezzosoprano
Commissioner: Voice(less) Series - London Uk

“...Esin’s music arises miraculously from the body’s own forgotten rhythms.
Reading her score for the first time, I felt as if I had been startled by a secret and unexpected mirror.”
Nathaniel LaNasa, pianist
Commissioner: Ultrafizz, Since 1500 - NYCity Usa

“... sounds as if it is dentelle or some beautiful tapestry.”
about Lights on Inanna
Dr. Andrea Young, composer, performer
Collaborator - Montreal Ca

Esin Gunduz, PhD

For composer, vocal performer, and improviser
Esin Gunduz,
sound originates in the body.

She explores life’s energies as visceral sensory experience and sound, building landscapes of her own recorded-voice samples to surround acoustical instrumental textures, creating breathtaking acoustic vistas.


Dr. Gunduz has been announced to be one of the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning awardees of 2021 as a composer and the vocalist of her transformative oboe and voice duo: ︎Senso di Voce. She had her works performed at the NonClassical (UK), Banff Centre (CA), and as part of the National Sawdust Digital Discovery Festival (USA). Among the performers who have championed her work are Ensemble Linea and mandolinist Avi Avital, as well as the previous members of Talea Ensemble and the International Contemporary Ensemble.

Prominent projects include an electroacoustic ensemble piece based on Sumerian tablets and a work that turns alchemical processes into sound for the NyCity-based duo: Ultrafizz.

One of her recent works, En-he-du-an-na-me-en (2020), is based on a text by Enheduanna 𒂗𒃶𒌌𒀭𒈾 (the first author writing in 2300 BCE) and is written for mezzosoprano Rosie Middleton’s Voice(less) Commissioning Series for electronics and voice. The work had been programmed for Iceland Dark Music Days before the pandemic, yet later been premiered for the Nonclassical, UK, and recorded at Cafe Oto, 2021. ︎Watch Esin talk about En-he-du-an-na-me-en.

Dr Gunduz will present Lights on Inanna (2016-17), her PhD dissertation and her initial work that was based on Sumerian tablets, at the Society of Biblical Literature’s (SBL) Annual Meeting in San Antonio (TX) in November of 2021. Her presentation will go under the section: Music in the Cult.


A researcher of vocal performance, Esin Gunduz has offered workshops for the Indeterminacy Consulting Group & Festival (CA/USA), CS1 Curatorial Projects (USA), and an Orchard of Pomegranates in Montréal (CA). She is an adjunct voice instructor at Villa Maria College and holds a PhD in music composition from SUNY University at Buffalo. Originally from Istanbul Turkey, Dr. Gunduz currently lives in New York State, Usa.


an Artist’s Statement

“As a composer,
I concentrate on the nature of sound and its embodiment.

As humans, we respond to human-voice with a primal empathy.
An immediate kind of mirroring takes place.

We “know” the tension that is required to produce that sound.

We feel it in our own bodies.

We reflectively react to it at times:

such as raising our eyebrows when we hear voices in upper-spectra (like a boy-choir),

or clearing our throats after hearing a “scratchy” throat-sound.


Owing my predisposition, to both my roots from Thrace (Trakya)
and to have spent my youth in Istanbul,

I am particularly fascinated by culture-specific
vocal practices and traditional vocal-techniques,
not only for their complex acoustical spectra,
but also for how they communicate and convey
a wide range of
such direct and human experience.

Life vibrates within those sounds.

Such vocal timbres carry information into
a singer’s attitude | psychology | type-of-being | (…)

— phrases of singing are
time-capsules of
human-life in acoustics.

I learn from these and translate them into instrumental writing;

I aim to create the directness
( immediacy and presence! )
of human-voices,

© 2019

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Copyright © 2020 Esin Gunduz.
Composer | Vocal performer