photograph from video stills from “As Above So Below” program of Senso di Voce 
by Megan Metté

Senso di Voce |

Sense of Voice

Described as “transformative” and “wildly innovative” by their audiences
Senso di Voce | Sense of Voice is:
Esin Gunduz, (vocalist/composer) | Megan Kyle (oboist).

photography by Alana Adetola

The duo builds original compositions and improvisations around their interpretations of early music, from 13th century troubadour songs, to Baroque arias, to folk and religious music from cultures across the Mediterranean Basin—places like Bulgaria, Syria, Turkey, and Greece.

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Senso di Voce
Performance Proposal

photography Carl Chinn

from Tyshawn Sorey’s

from Interludes
with Senso di Voce

with Phillip Greenlief
Improvisation Ensemble

from Aliya Ultan’s
Become a House

from As above, so below (a)
with Senso di Voce

from Andrew Godsalve’s

from As above, so below (b)
w/Senso di Voce


photography by Carl Chinn

Free Improvisation Sets

Listen ︎Exit Points #7
Gunduz | Hamidi | Palumbo | Nort | Couillard | Pocius

August 2020


Listen ︎Audio-pollination #75
Whitaker | Palumbo | Gunduz
|  Liu | Lynn | Zurawinski
Audio-pollination Series, Array Space, Toronto, CA
September 2019

Esin and Justin

Esin Gunduz, amplified voice and open compositions
Justin Von Strasburg, acoustic (modified) snare drum

We are a duo of amplified voice and acoustic snare-drum. 
We explore the interference and the special acoustics
of this instrumental combination.
We play open pieces composed by Esin.

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© 2020 Esin Gunduz.
Composer | Vocal performer