Proximity of Rituals

Ritüellerin Yakınlığı*
*dedicated to Melis Özkan

for recorded voices +
two violas 

Written for solo violists
︎Dr. Tuba Özkan | ︎Dr. Yuri Gandelsman

Recorded at:
Mersin State Conservatory, Turkey

Editing, Recording, Mix: Esin Gunduz

Proximity of Rituals

XI. 100:

“A worldly renown is nothing, other than a breath of wind
that blows now here, now there
and changes name
when it has changed its course.”

Divine Comedy (1320)
Dante Alighieri

lullaby |
mourning song;

each of them 
easing us



© 2015 Esin Gunduz.
Composer | Vocal performer

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Composer | Vocal performer