States of Iron

for bass flute, bass clarinet, and voice

Performed by ︎Ensemble Linea,
joined by the composer


States of Iron
imagines the acoustical interference of these particular instruments
as an amalgam of metal and spirit.


“… Nothing is harder than iron,
yet it knows that water is its origin.

But all that has water for a basis,
even iron,
has no more reality than a dream.
Water is nothing stable. (…)”


by Attar, Farid Ud-din. from: The Conference of the Birds (MANTIQ UT-TAIR) –
A Philosophical religious poem in prose
. Translated by C.S. Nott, Shambala Publication Inc., 1971.

States of Iron

On three proverbs from Anatolia 
about three different states of iron:


          İşleyen demir ışıldar.
                       Working iron shines bright.


          Demir tavında dövülür.
                       Strike while the iron is hot.


          Birlikte demir yumuşar.
                       Iron softens in union.

© 2013 Esin Gunduz.
Composer | Vocal performer

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Composer | Vocal performer