Texts of Wisdom

for recorded voices +
bass trio

Written for Factory Seconds Trio

Performed at:
Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, Cleveland, OH

Texts of Wisdom

Anatolia (the Mother-land, Asia-minor)

i.  [00:03] 

“Anlamadan eyledik,
Gerçek erin bu yolda,
Yokluktur sermayesi.
Before understanding, we acted upon it,
The real man’s assets in this road, Is nothing.”

13th century
by Yunus Emre (in Turkish)

ii.  [02:12]

Rüzgar eken fırtına biçer.
One who plants wind, harvests storm.

Proverb (Turkish)

iii.  [04:08]

“Bu edgü ağış teg ağır agguka,
Yavuz neng iniş ol uçuz bulğuka,
Good is like climbing a steep road it is hard to attain,
Bad is like going down an incline it is attained easily.”

#903, Part-2,  Volume-2 of 
Kutadgu Bilig |
[The Wisdom which Brings Happiness]
11th century
by Yusuf Has Hacib, (in Uyghur)

© 2014 Esin Gunduz.
Composer | Vocal performer

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