Sense of Energy

for two or more
instrument(s) | voice(s)

workshopped + performed by ensembles:
duo w/︎Roopa Mahadevan
duo w/Mike Sandoval
quartet w/Susanna Hood, Christiane Charbonneau, and Ayelet Rose Gottlieb
quartet w/Mayu Funaba, Antoning Bourgault, and Dave Klassen
︎Baker | Hess Duo
Indeterminacy Festival Ensemble
McGill University Professional Development Program Ensemble

performed at events | venues:
at So Percussion’s Brooklyn Bound Series, NYC
as part of Intersect program by Elizabeth A. Baker, in Palladium, FL
at Banff Centre for the Arts, Rolston Recital Hall, Alberta CA
at The Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Montréal CA
as part of ︎an Orchard of Pomegranates Series, Montréal CA
at the McGill University (Mtl CA) Professional Development Program, Online

Sense of Energy

In “Sense of Energy”,
the sense and the bodily experience of
types of physical energies,
are imagined as sound and
translated into physical vibrations of sound:

© 2018 Esin Gunduz
Composer | Vocal performer

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© 2018 Esin Gunduz
Composer | Vocal performer

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